Provide easy functionality within a built environment which is beautified & economically implemented to suit the purpose of the space on a given budget


Design Approach : I strongly believes that Design has the ability to generate positive energy within a built space. The main aim of my practice has been to provide easy functionality within a built environment which is aesthetically beautified and economically implemented to suit the purpose of the space on a given budget.
The satisfaction of the end-user of any space has been my prerogative in 13years of my design practice. My approach to any project is characterized by meticulous attention to the concept and details of every project, and a relentless focus on refining the design ideas to arrive at a solution which is architecturally, socially, and intellectually coherent. The collaborative aspect of creating a sustainable design is at the heart of every single project from inception to completion.

By integrating the consideration of interior spaces early in the development process, it becomes easier to arrive at more exciting and creative solutions sooner and tailor them more effectively and economically to the project at hand.

About Muktha : Muktha, established her independent practice in 2004 in Bangalore. Her forte has been design and implementation of private residences and residential interiors. She also specializes in preschool designs, childcare, group housing, office buildings, office interiors and layout planning. She has been single handedly managing all aspects of design development and project management for most of her projects from inception to completion.
Previously, she polished her skills as a trainee architect with Dharmaraj Associates in Mangalore for 1year as a fresher. Later she worked as a junior architect with Construction Engineering Services, (currently known as Shankarnarayana Consultancy Services) for 2 years in Bangalore.
She has attended a course on “Alternative and cost effective building technologies” for sustainable and responsible architectural design and takes keen interest in using material and resource sustainability in all her projects. She is a member of the COA (council of architecture) and a registered architect with the Bangalore Development authority for past 10years.
She attained a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Manipal Institute of Technology in 1999.